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Talking about Smartphone’s, the main question is Apple or Android? Concerning this issue there are many disputes. In this Article I want to address this topic, by asking: is the new iPhone X a revolution or just a remake of antique technology?

I have to admit, that I am a switcher. I choose my mobile depending on the Features. I do not make any difference between the Brands. Actually I am using a iPhone 7s as well as a Samsung s7 at work.

In the Announcement the iPhone X was described as a revolution, a revolution of the current mobile phone market. But is it true? Does the iPhone X revolutionise the mobile phone market?

The iPhone X has a 5.8-inch OLE-Display, which is not a special at all. What’s new, is the 82.9% screen-to-body ratio. Thereby, Apple catches up with recent Android mobile phones.

Regarding the resolution and the pixel density the iPhone X is more powerful than the predecessor models. Anyway, to talk about a revolution would be excessive.

The iPhone X comes without the familiar Home-Button, instead a virtual Button or a swipe movement will serve the same cause. This is new for the iPhone, but the virtual Buttons are already quite common for other Manufacturers.

A well-known controversy about the new iPhone X is the removed Touch ID, which has been replaced by a Face ID (facial recognition). This Feature was presented as new, but the Galaxy S3 had this feature already 5 years ago. Samsung was criticised for the feature after some Journalists were able to outwit the feature by using photos. Apple improved the technology in a way, that this doesn’t work anymore. The Bionic chip and the sensors of the iPhone X outperform the poor Samsung technology. Is this the revolution?

The iPhone X has some new feature compared to the predecessor models. Nonetheless, the iPhone X is not revolutionising the mobile phone market, because the features are already known from other Manufacturers.

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